22 June 2011

Of Playing Nice

Every day these kids seem to enjoy each other even more - and get on each other's nerves as well.

Yesterday was Emmett's first experience on the kids' "My First Play & Learn" (on a side note: why is it that all children's toys clamber over themselves to be the "first"?  Is it not good enough to simply be purchased?  What if this were not actually their first Play & Learn?  Would we not be allowed to purchase it or would it simply be false advertising?) - which is essentially a push and ride truck.  Even though he has not yet learned to walk (or even stand, to the chagrin of his doctor), Gram felt he should no longer be deprived the joy of his "first" truck.  And the kid loved it.  Or, he loved the beep the little horn makes anyway.

Micaiah decided to help him along as his tiny little feet did not quite understand the Flintstone method of driving.  She scurried behind him, grabbed the push bar and offered her services as his personal footman.  Before heading anywhere, she would run ahead, clear the path of all toys and then return to her spot behind him and push him along.  They were both having a blast.  And it made Momma's day.

      Pushing Emmett

  Clearing a path

But then came today, when she wanted to play with his new birthday presents and he just wanted to play with something.  Thus, he was crying while she yelled, "No, Emmett!"  When I finally asked her to share his toys, she grudgingly handed over a Weeble, which he hugged with all his might, swinging him back and forth with a big grin.

He'll play happily with his Sissy - but only as long as she's playing cooperatively.

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