12 June 2011

Of First Celebrations

I did not even recognize until a few hours ago that I had neglected the blog yesterday.  I attended a close friend's wedding and was busy dancing the night away at the typical publication time for this blog - thus, I missed my own deadline - and I entirely forgot.

But I'm not forgetting tonight, so you're welcome.

Today my family and I celebrated Emmett's first birthday, alongside his cousin's fourth.  Six months ago he celebrated Christmas, but had not experienced gifts elsewhere.  Thus, I did not expect much anticipation on his part. Therefore, when it came to opening the beautifully-wrapped packages, the almost-four-year-old went first.  She knew she had presents and making her wait seemed cruel.  Emmett would not notice or care.

Au contraire.

As Kylie opened the first of her two gifts, he began to crawl over to the blue package labeled for him and pound his little hands.  Clearly, there was something exciting in here.  He proceeded clap excitedly until we let him have his time in the spotlight.

When it was finally his turn, it did not take much to garner interest.  One gift bag was set in front of him; promptly his tiny fists began tugging on the paper.  There was nothing more exciting for him at this moment than removing the tissue from its prison.  And when the little plastic truck with buttons, sounds and lights was finally pulled out, unlike other children who prefer the wrapping, he was content to sit with his packaged truck and explore its abilities.

The following brightly-wrapped box was equally exciting with its curls of ribbons which he enjoyed plucking and bouncing.  Thankfully he had his more focused big sister at his side to aid him in tearing through the paper to reach the prize inside - another truck with even more bells and whistles.  This was one happy kid.

The lights and sounds, though, could be only be trumped by one more birthday tradition - the cake.  As his small slice was brought to him, to the tune of the Birthday song, he clapped his pudgy hands and sang "Be-be!"  And the daintiness displayed by his sister's first cake/frosting experience was not repeated.  Though it took him a few seconds to determine the best angle for grasping a fistful of cake, he got the hang of it and had chocolate smeared across his face in no time.

Overall, the first of his first birthday celebrations (there will be another to follow when his Daddy will actually be present in a more tangible way than via webcam) was quite enjoyable and actually more interactive than I would have given him credit for.  It would seem someone is quite happy to be celebrating his first 365 days on this earth.

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