16 June 2011

Of Picky Eating

I knew it would happen eventually.

We had a precedent in our household.  Micaiah was a great eater.  Others marveled at the way our tiny tot would put in her mouth nearly everything set in front of her - and in large amounts to boot.  In fact, there came a point when we had to learn to cut her off.

And then, of course, she entered toddler-hood.  And our life of ease came to an abrupt end.  Suddenly, just setting the green beans in front her wasn't enough.  We begged, we pleaded, we spanked, we applauded good behavior.  And still her mouth was clamped.  To this day, though the battle rarely ends in her victory, she feels the war can be won.  And so she fights.

Along came Emmett.  Our little mellow man.  Following in his sissy's footsteps, he never refused a bite.  If it was food, it went in his mouth.  If it wasn't food, it went in his mouth.  The kid loved to eat.  And we were not ones to stop him.

For the first time, in all his growing up this past week, I have seen a new side to our guy.  The side that swings its head from side to side in staunch refusal of a piece of tomato or sweet potato fry.  The side that will munch happily on crackers but avoid the watermelon on his plate without even tasting it.

Where did this kid come from?

Like I said, I knew it was too good to last, but did the switch have to come so early?  We didn't even make it to his first birthday!

Here's praying this is merely a (rapidly) passing phase and our happy eater will return to us soon.  I'm not sure I can take this double trouble much longer.

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