03 June 2011

Of Creepy Crawlies

Our little girl, despite begging for her Beanie Baby snake before heading to bed, definitely has a girlie streak in her.  This was demonstrated today when, after emerging from my bedroom a half hour into her nap-time, I heard a small squeal from across the hall.  Opening the door to investigate, I found her, eyes wide, staring around the room, whimpering slightly.  "It's a bug!"

This bug - the one that was too terrifying to allow her to sleep - was your everyday house-fly.  But this did not matter to my little one.  The fact was, he was tiny, black and had wings - that was good enough for her.  He had to be dealt with.  So, I grabbed the fly swatter and deal with him, I did, but, apparently, not before he entirely ruined her nap-time.  She never did settle back to sleep.

And this is how she's been lately.  If there is an ant on the floor, she'll see it and watch carefully until I dispose of the creature in some manner or another.  A beetle sends her running, screaming, "Spider!" (which is pretty much what she calls anything that crawls - if it flies, it's usually a "bee").

Yep, that's my girl.  Cuddling with snakes and running from flies.  She's a paradox in training pants.

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