30 June 2011

Of Cuteness

Micaiah had a rough time napping today.  As in, she didn't.

But I did make her stay in her bed for three hours in the hope she would give in. 

As I left her room after my first intervention of asking her to put her book away and lay down, she fussed and announced, "I want my Emmett!"  She used the same tone of pleading she typically employs for objects she literally wants in bed with her, as in, "I want my turtle" (Mommy's large stuffed animal) or "I want my snake" (Daddy's old Beanie Baby), so I wasn't even sure I heard her right the first time.

"What was that?"

"I want my Emmett."

"I'm sorry, Baby, but Emmett is asleep."

" . . . I want you.  I want my mommy."

At this point, though my heart of stone melted a smidge, I knew she was looking for ways to stall and, perhaps, trying to get out of nap-time altogether by appealing to Mommy's snuggly side with her innocent cuteness.  But I know her tricks.  And so, heart tearing just a little, I hurried in for a quick hug and then firmly told her to go back to sleep. 

She's lucky she's cute.

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