01 July 2011

Of Old Friends

While I have been feeling much better with this pregnancy than my previous two have treated me, I did have a little bit of a rough afternoon.  Fortunately for me, saltines and ginger ale are like good friends - always there when I need them, even if it's been years since we've seen each other.  So I broke out a package of crackers and poured myself a small glass of bubbly (of the aforementioned nature - no, I don't even drink when not carrying a developing life within, let alone now) and settled onto the couch for a little Netflix therapy.

All of this brings me back to the latter days of my first pregnancy, spending afternoons on the sofa running through the afternoon line-up of acceptable and available television options for one who does not pay for cable - which led to a lot of Curious George and Reba - much better choices than daytime soaps or courtroom dramas in my opinion. 

Thank you, Netflix, for coming to the rescue.  Sure you're more the type of friend who only sticks around if I regularly stuff money in your pockets, but somehow your paid presence still comforts in my time of need.


  1. Parks and Rec is a show that I found hilarious and watched all available episodes of on Netflix during my first trimester...also, BBC Masterpiece theatre miniseries are awesome b/c the episodes are only an hour long (Daniel Deronda and Downton Abbey are my most recent views...) But, hopefully you'll just keep sailing without too many yucky afternoons!! Grow baby grow :)

  2. Oooh, Downton Abbey sounds very similar to Upstairs Downstairs which we enjoyed immensely - we shall have to check that out!  Thanks :)