03 July 2011

Of Beautiful Days

Heard repeatedly in our house today: "We have the greatest kids in the whole world."

It was just one of those days when everything they did, even a few necessary time-outs, was adorable.  It all began after Emmett awoke this morning and joined Mommy and Daddy in bed for awhile before we called Micaiah in from her bedroom.  The precious time spent with the little ones crawling over the big ones and snuggling in under the covers for awhile was priceless.

When Daddy and I emerged from the bedroom after getting dressed for church, we found our children, where we left them, in their high chairs, sharing breakfast and giggling.  Emmett was doing much of the laughing while Micaiah put Cheerios on his tray and snuck her hand over for a tickle or two.

After naps, when Mommy's sickness was catching up to her, Micaiah helped Daddy out (without being asked) by aiding in the distributing of animal crackers to herself, her brother and her momma.  She also rounded up cups so together they could get everyone water. 

And then, before bed, while their tummies were full of ice cream, cookies and cupcakes from a fellowship time at church, the two of them sat on the floor with Daddy playing with Micaiah's puzzles.  Emmett taking the pieces out of the clear bucket and handing them to his sister, and, later, plucking them from their correct places on the board to put them away - before his sissy even had time to finish.  But rather than respond with bossy commands or cries of injustice, per her typical attitude, Micaiah merely giggled, saying, "No Emmett!  Not yet!"  She always seems to be a little more forgiving of her brother than she is of anyone else.  Which is a wonderful thing.

These two beautiful children really bring joy to my days.  I am so grateful to call them my own.

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