30 July 2011

Of Wonder Woman

I tried to be Wonder Woman today and it definitely caught up with me.

After an early morning errand run (ok, so it was 10am, but for a Saturday, it feels early, and, besides, it was still at a time when the majority of those I'm running into at the grocery store are nearing the end of a century), I unloaded my goods and went to work.  Now, I'll have to admit, I wasn't really aiming too terribly high.  Compared to many moms out there, I was really heading more toward Wonder Woman's sidekick than the main star herself.  I definitely wasn't going for a months' worth of meals in one day (people do it!), but I felt ambitious nonetheless.

I stuck a full chicken in my Deep Covered Baker (from the Pampered Chef - I know a lady, wink, wink), popped it in the microwave for 45 minutes and started on my next task, boiling eggs for coming breakfasts.

With our new endeavor of eating right, I want to be prepared with good foods that have a lot of the work done already.  Kind of home-processed foods.  Between looking up recipes and realizing I was not quite prepared for the homemade chicken broth I was hoping for, keeping up with a whiny Emmett who was a half hour past the point of no-morning-nap, and dealing with the eggs, I found myself wiped at the precise moment when the family was ready for lunch.  Weariness caught up with this pregnant momma and I almost couldn't see straight.  Trouble.

This is why I keep my trusty man around.  Without him, I would be headed for disaster on days like today when I demand too much of myself.  With him by my side, we got the kids fed, down for naps, the first chicken carved, bagged and frozen (with the yucky remainders frozen for another day of chicken broth-making) and the next in the microwave just in time for us to lay down for a little bit, as well (the kids aren't the only ones who need their rest).  And with him by my side, we had another chicken carved, bagged and frozen just in time to prepare biscuits (with a quick jaunt to the store for much-needed flour), stuffed tomatoes and a salad to accompany some of the previously-prepared bird for dinner.  Now that's team work.

That's why I like that guy.  He loves me even when I'm not Wonder Woman (which, for the record, is all the time).

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