10 July 2011

Of Peace

We sang this morning in church words to our Lord that spoke of melting in His overwhelming peace.  And as I strove to get past the sound of the syllables on my tongue to a true significance from my heart, tears trickled down.


Have I really known this peace lately? 

I have been in the throes of a storm dominating my mind for weeks, if not longer.  A raging torrent of wanting to do more, be more, serve more and, yet, feeling always stuck in this place where I am.  Bogged down by the possessions through which I wade every day and the mindless entertainment which always clamors for my attention and to which I unceasingly bow.  I feel weighed by these children whom I love more than my next breath, but who also require most of my attention and so much of my time - with the feeling that I have nothing left to give.

And the one area in which I have felt led to give, with my time to the children of our church for only one week of the year - this I have been dreading, wishing I had never put the pen to paper and scrawled out my name.  Can I not sacrifice even this much from my own selfish life?

This mind of mine, constantly tossing with the judgments of those I have no right to condemn, turning with anger at myself and the sin that so easily entangles, threatened to be thrown over the edge at any moment.

No, peace, I would say, is not a typical characteristic these days.

And, yet, that's what He offers.

This God for whom I say I will give everything offers the one thing I need.  And, yet, I have failed to let Him wash over me with the peace he so freely bestows. 

Not anymore.  I am done.  I am His and His peace is mine.  I lay it all down today.  The God Who calms the storm has been awakened and spoken His Word to my soul. 

Be still.

Along came the next song:

"You are stronger,
You are stronger,
Sin is broken,
You have saved me."

He is and He has.  And I am His.

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