13 July 2011

Of Seeing and Believing

We saw our baby today.  At just 10 weeks, 2 days gestation, our little nugget (or penguin, as Micaiah calls it) is only an inch and a half long.  But what absolutely blew my mind was seeing his or her tiny appendages - arms, legs, toes - all wiggling about within me.

An inch and a half long and our baby has toes!  I can't even begin to imagine how miniscule those are by comparison.

Only slightly less wonderful than seeing that real life beating heart swishing along inside me was seeing my husband, near the foot of the examining bed, our two post-womb children perched each on one knee, all watching the second monitor.  Micaiah with her eyes wide and mouth open at seeing her brother or sister (at times she insists it's a sister - other times, she admits she really just wants a sister, but she'll let Emmett have a brother), was a delight.  And the pride in Daddy's eyes was very real.

Suddenly this whole experience just felt about one hundred times more concrete.  I don't care that we've done this twice before or that I've been nauseated off-and-on for a month now.  The fact that another baby was joining our family just had not sunk in, not really.  Not until I saw it right there on that black and white screen.

When we got home, I showed Micaiah the printed pictures and asked her who it was.  She declared it was her brother or sister and we talked about how it would be coming out of Mommy's tummy.  She grew increasingly excited as we discussed the changes and was all ready to go to bed when we were done.  As she ran to her room, she cried anxiously, "I want my brother or my sister!"

"Oh, baby, it will still be a long while."

"But I want my brother or my sister right here in my bed!"

At least she's looking forward to the new addition, right?

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