17 July 2011

Of Resting

Our little man was so tuckered out this afternoon, this is how we found him when my husband and I turned from enjoying our lunch of pizza from the couch:

Needless to say, a nap was the next thing on his schedule.  Micaiah, too, was ready to rest after her tough battle with gravity which she lost on our driveway this morning.  I did not witness the scuffle as she dashed to retrieve our Sunday paper, but I do know the lesson she learned was, "I no run.  I be careful."  Regardless, she bears the battle wounds:

Thus, after such a rough and tiring morning, both of our babies settled in for a solid four hour nap this afternoon.  At least we know they were well-rested.


  1. Micaiah's Battle With Gravity (a brief retelling):

    Micaiah was a helpful girl who liked to get the Sunday paper.  Unfortunately, Gravity liked to try and trip her up as she ran across the driveway.  One morning, Gravity succeeded, and Micaiah, being still new to Gravity's tricks and how to cope with them, tried to catch herself with her face.  Gravity won this round, but next time it may not be so lucky.

  2. Liked the telling of the story - not sweet Micaiah's battle scars.  Love all of you!