11 July 2011

Of Pre-Schoolers

About two minutes into my third group in my Missions class at this morning's Vacation Bible School, I knew I was never destined to teach Pre-Schoolers.  Bless those who are.

But while time flew by as I re-directed one inane, utterly un-related, off-the-wall comment after another, I became grateful for these attention-deficient little four- and five-year-olds.  I found the extra ten minutes I struggled to fill with the previous, un-enthusiastic, un-responsive group of first graders was a non-issue here.

In the end, both groups learned, presumably the same amount.  Or, more accurately, were presented with the same quantity of information - retained or not.  It's just that only one group felt I was unprepared to fill the time.  The others had no idea how glad I was they were whiling away class time with lists of where their families of vacationed and how many planes it took to get them there. 

Then again, they're pre-schoolers.  They think everyone is thrilled to hear that information.


  1. Yeah, I'm definitely reading between the lines that Bekah was one of those. ;)    Bless YOU for accepting the job of teaching the kiddos this week!! 

  2. Yes, she was one of these, but she was definitely not alone, trust me!  :)

  3. That's how my day is every day of the week.  :)  I love it.