20 July 2011

Of Overwhelming Gratitude

Today was a day of overwhelming thankfulness. 

I could not even pinpoint any particular aspect of life lately that had prompted the feeling of gratitude which overtook me even from the moment I awoke.  It just seemed with every turn, I was giving thanks to my God for the children that someday drive me crazy but whose hair is incredibly soft and whose flesh is enjoyably squeezable and who, more than anything, know how to make me smile, even while bringing me to the verge of frustrated tears. 

I poured out grateful praise for a husband who works all day so that I can be home with my precious little ones and, sometimes, when I justify it to myself, spend the afternoon watching Netflix or reading Christian suspense novels while the children slumber.

Again, I cannot say this was any conscious effort to which I dedicated myself today, but a true outpouring of the overflow of my heart.  Gratitude.

On top of it all, I am grateful that this peace which overwhelmed me a mere week and a half ago has already taken root and has begun to strangle the weeds of bitterness and doubt which once so easily entangled.  I am thankful for this new normal.

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