25 July 2011

Of Developmental Delays

As previously referenced, Emmett's doctor has been somewhat concerned about his lack of interest in refining his gross motor skills.  Who needs standing and walking when one can zoom around the house on hands and knees like no one's business?  Certainly not him.

Thus, she referred us to the County Health Department and their Early Intervention Program for evaluation.

After an hour this afternoon of Emmett's playing with blocks, cups, spoons and board books under the watchful eye of three county health employees (all while his big sister whined about not being offered any of these new and intriguing toys herself), we received an assessment similar to what we already knew: he is a great communicator and quite intelligent, but he's also "laid back" (this is what we, in this house, refer to as "lazy") and, thereby, doesn't care to stand if it's just not necessary.  And to him, it's not. 

So we'll just keep waiting and hoping someday he'll care enough about that toy we place just out of reach to actually go for it.  And someday, I'm sure, he will.


  1. David's youngest brother didn't walk until well after he was a year old...he just took his own sweet time! He's fine, of course, just like I'm sure Emmett will be!!

  2. Micaiah didn't walk until 15 months, either, and the women said that 15-16 mos is actually normal, but the main concern is that he isn't even pulling up and doesn't like to stand even when supported.  And when we hold his hands and kind of make him stand, he won't even take steps, which babies even half his age will do.  He's just a bum ;)