18 July 2011

Of Energy

With the entrance into my eleventh week, it would appear my body has opted for an early ascent into the second trimester, at least as far as "morning" sickness goes (insert knocking on wood here).  While I understand every woman (and pregnancy for that matter) is different, I tend to follow the general rule of enduring baby-induced nausea for only the first portion of the pregnancy.  For this fact I give many thanks.

And, so far, this little one has been much gentler on my body than its predecessors - let's pray this bodes well for the end-game, as well.

In any case, I awoke this morning with a renewed sense of energy, ready to face the day.  As such, it was not quite noon, yet, while I had the dishwasher running (with an impromptu batch of never-before-made-in-this-house homemade dishwasher detergent as I discovered at the last moment a glaring lack of powder under our sink), a load of clothes folded and our sheets and towels spinning in the dryer.  Meanwhile, I was dressed and the kids and I were fed and on their way to being ready to head out the door to take Daddy's car to the mechanic when he arrived home for lunch (which was waiting for him on the counter).

Thank you, Lord, for my body and my energy back (thank you, also, that I still fit in my pre-pregnancy pants - that always makes a girl a little happy).

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