07 July 2011

Of Bedtime Prayers

Micaiah's star-shaped magic wand is currently sleeping on our hearth, nicely tucked in with a flannel blanket made by Gram.  Before she laid it down to sleep, she prayed the Lord its soul to keep.  Okay, not exactly, but she did pray with her wand.  And it was just about the sweetest thing in the world.

Our baby girl pulled her little red step stool up beside the hearth where her wand lay and folded her hands together, bowed her head and began, "Thank you with* Mommy and thank you with Daddy and Amen."  She recited this prayer a few more times just for good measure. 

Pretty much the greatest moment of my day - maybe my week.

*She has issues with her prepositions.  "With," "for," and "on" (among others) are almost always interchangeable.  She's two.  If she still has problems with this by the time she's writing papers, we'll talk.

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