06 July 2011

Of Mind Reading

Emmett broke his mama's heart today. 

When it came time for his afternoon nap, for some reason, the little guy could not get comfortable.  Watching on the video monitor, I would see him sit up and cry, flop to his belly, be restful for a few minutes (sometimes up to ten or fifteen at a time) and suddenly begin wriggling and fussing once again.  Thinking he was too warm, I turned up his fan and turned down the AC (a sacrifice to the electric bill in these Sahara-like temperatures we've been enduring).  Thinking his diaper may be the issue, I checked it out and found it satisfactory.  Thinking he may be hungry, I nursed him a little.  Still he would alternate between comfort and crying.  And so would I. 

At dinner, he refused anything solid, leading us to believe the culprit to be another tooth sneaking in.

By bed-time he was giggly and ready to crawl everywhere (not exactly the best attitude for settling into bed, but I was happy to see his mood lifted).

These are the days when Mommies just wish they could mind read.

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