02 July 2011

Of Our Little Dinosaur

Lately I have had so much fun just watching Emmett.  All he has to do is play happily by himself on the floor while his sister watches TV or pesters any random adult in the room, and he will make me smile.  The best part is when he glances up from clacking two Weebles together to see me watching him and then offers the biggest grin, stretched from dimple to dimple - which of course makes me smile even more.  Then he will crawl over, place his two little paws on the couch next to where I'm sitting, pull himself to his knees (still not standing!), bear those beautiful teeth and squawk like a baby dinosaur (or, for some reason, that's what it makes me think of).  I love it.

We will then get into a squawking match and his sister, not to be out-done, will eventually join in. 

I felt the need to mention this because, while Micaiah says the cute things and has her adorable antics, I am still a big fan of my Emmett bug as well and he just does not get much face time on this blog.  So, just a reminder, he still exists and he's as adorable as ever. 

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