14 July 2011

Of My Hippie Years

I am not sure exactly when it happened, I'm thinking when we began producing off-spring, but it really feels as though I have become more of a hippie as the years have progressed.

It seems without even planning on it, and, for the most part, with little more excuse than convenience and frugality, we have come to live what sometimes feels like an "alternative" lifestyle in our increasingly consumer-driven society.  Our babies wear cloth diapers (when we're at home), eat home-made baby food, are carried around in slings (when our arms are tired) and, for the most part, don't receive many birthday or Christmas gifts from Mommy and Daddy.  We also test-drove the potty-training early approach, only to meet massive failure and a near-three-year-old who still couldn't care less if she's wearing a dirty diaper.  But we tried.

Of course, as mentioned, most of the above was less out of some altruistic tree-hugging need to save the planet or be uber-health conscious and more out of a desire to waste so much money on things we could take care of much more cheaply than the ad-driven parenting magazines suggest.

Until now.

Now I feel we've truly gone off the deep end, taking a route a never, as of a year, or even seven months ago would have dreamed we would take.  In fact, I had distinctly sworn we would not, ever, in a million years (that's me and my big non-wood-knocking mouth).

We are venturing into the world of midwives and homebirth.

That's right.  If things continue on the course on which we have begun to set sail, this next little nugget will be born right in this very living room (or bedroom, or bathroom), without the aid of drugs (oh, help me!), an IV or a doctor in scrubs, latex gloves or face mask.  Just me, my husband, a few select others (maybe), and a baby-loving midwife to catch the squirming ball of life.  In my living room.

What is happening to me?!

Meanwhile, I'm still wondering how my doctor will know I've had a baby.  And then I realize, I guess it doesn't much matter to my OB if he's not having anything to do with it.  It's definitely a whole new world.

And won't you be so excited to take this hippie journey with me?  I just knew you would.


  1. The Hypnobirthing book by Mongan was helpful for me. I listened to the CD it came with during my last trimester at night as I fell asleep. I also listened to it when I had contractions, and it really helped me relax.

  2. I am SO super excited you guys are going to try for a homebirth!!!!! =D   I do have to confess I felt like my chin hit the floor when you asked about the midwives I used.  But you SO can do it!!    You know I am here in any capacity possible to help/encourage you if you need me.  =)   Praying that this course will include a homebirth, but as always, ultimately that you guys do what God leads you to do and that baby is happy and healthy!

    I am completely with you on the 'more of a frugal/convenience thing' than necessarily 'worrying about the planet'.   ;)       

  3. I remember seeing a very long time ago (when I was eight or nine) seeing an episode of 20/20 (we watched every Friday) where they looked into hypnobirthing.  I remember being completely amazed at the videos of these women who were so calm and relaxed and just walking the halls as though it were any other day and I thought, that's what I'm going to do!  But then, you know, I didn't happen to write down the name of the method at that young age, so the dream kind of slipped away.  I'll look into it ;)

  4. Interestingly, according to the tiny amount of research I did this
    morning, our midwives are the only ones listed in the state of Oklahoma
    as "supporting providers" - works for me ;)

  5. Careful about the hypnobirthing!  It has roots with hypnosis.  ew

  6. Well, it is a little different.  I'm sure it depends on which method you use, but the name is a little deceiving for certain methods, because it's really about being in complete control, entirely present and aware of what is going on with your body, yet remaining calm, relaxed and focused - it's more about controlling your mood than someone else controlling you - which is the problem with hypnosis.

  7. My mom had a homebirth with my youngest sister and all I remember is how my parents worked together as a team and how peaceful it was!! (My 3 yr old sis and I were both present). I hope it works out for you. We're prepping for natural childbirth, but not at home...

  8. The method we're using is Bradley...just fyi!

  9. I only just heard about the Bradley method for the first time a few months back, before I even knew I would be needing any kind of birthing method any time soon.  But I have a friend who has a workbook, perhaps I shall give it a perusal.