08 July 2011

Of Being Too Good to Last

Emmett is officially weaned, as of this week.  In fact, I declared him done on Independence Day - appropriate, I thought.  He had a week of big boy breakfasts (as in milk, banana and cereal, just like sissy).  And, as a result of not waking up with the desire to nurse, has actually been sleeping in.  Little man has routinely allowed Momma to sleep until about 8:45 or 9am every day.  Micaiah has awoken per her typical schedule, but she is always content to entertain herself with books or stuffed animals in bed, so I truly am free to enjoy a bit more shut-eye. 

I've loved it.

And then comes next week. 

I have graciously volunteered my services as teacher for our church's rendition of Vacation Bible School.  Such a position requires myself and my children to report for duty at 8:30am.  I do not believe I have had to be anywhere so early since having two children.  And now that my son has taken to a late morning schedule, I will have to find myself waking him entirely too early for any of us.  Thereby, most likely, ruining all hopes of his continuing in this sleep routine hereafter.

It was good while it lasted.

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