04 June 2011

Of Bridges

Tonight, while playing before bed, Micaiah demanded to crawl under her Aunt Dia.  After doing so and then requesting Mommy take a turn, the three adults decided to line up side-by-side, on hands and knees to create quite the tunnel for our excited girl. 

Over and over again she would crawl in one side, out the other (between being trapped by the unstable bridge members - who may or may not have collapsed on her on purpose), and promptly run back to the start to run the gauntlet again.

Emmett, noting her delight, began a crawling saunter around the front of the three big kids.  Wondering if he knew where he was going, we all giggled at his clear determination.  Then without any prompting and without delay, crawled right under Mommy, then under Aunt Dia, and, finally, opting for a shortcut, went under Daddy's left side and out between his arms in the front. 

One round was all that boy needed to decide that shimmying his way under his family members was not, in fact, very different from the sort of crawling he does any other day.  And, thus, the activity lost its appeal.

But at least he gave it a shot.

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