13 June 2011

Of Our Little Chimpmunk

Lately Emmett has a new trick.  While sitting in the high chair enjoying Kix cereal, he tends to put one tiny puff in his mouth and then promptly drop two or three on the floor.  Typically, he will lean over the side of the chair to watch his bounty fall.  Of course, this is frustrating for those of us responsible for cleaning up after him.

Turns out, though, there is little need to worry.  As soon as he is set to the floor after eating, he goes to work vacuuming his own mess.  Nearly every piece of cereal somehow makes its way back to his mouth as he crawls around hunting his treasure.

Near as we can tell, he figures he never knows when he'll get to eat next, so it's best to store some away for later.  Clearly there's a flaw in the plan, though, when there is no pause between the eating in the chair and the eating on the floor, but he's trying to plan ahead, anyway.

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