18 June 2011

Of Getting Satisfaction

Apparently Emmett's one-year molars are living up to their name.  Joining the ranks of his eighth tooth, which has been working on making its entrance for a week or so now, those fancy big 'uns - officially numbers nine and ten on the count - seem to have been working their way through, as well, and made a big appearance in yesterday's birthday grins.  Right on time, guys!  Way to go!

Wondering if these new additions to the dental family have been a partial source to his recent food aversion, we've tried to go a little easier on him today.  But the refusing to eat most objects on his high-chair tray and then screaming out of hunger was not a very attractive quality today. 

Thus, it was a welcome break when, after his evening meal, tummy finally satisfied with Mommy's milk, he sat on the floor and for a solid half hour, before our evening hide-and-seek session and then bedtime, played with his sister, pulling every book from the shelf and shuffling through them while Micaiah picked out the best and "read" them to him.  The two giggled and crawled and watched Emmett's new Weebles not fall down.

Essentially it was one of those nights that made me glad they have each other.  Parents live on these moments.

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