29 June 2011

Of Conquering Fears

Children and their phases can be so confusing.  Micaiah's on-again-off-again relationship with green beans has led to a stream of frustration, followed by joy, followed by further gritting of the teeth and hair-pulling (of my own).  The same has been true of her bath-time escapades.  The upside to her bi-polar nature is that she is finally back to getting a kick out of sudsing up.

She loves the bubbles, the toys, the splashing and has even reached the point she no longer cries as we rinse the shampoo from her hair.  In fact, she so enjoys her time in the water, she practically kicks us out when she's done being soaped up. 

Take this conversation for instance:

Me: "Do you want to stay in the bath a little longer?"
Her: "Yeah.  Getout." (Note: The lack of space is no typo - she literally made the demand as if it was a simple one word command.)
Me: "Micaiah, That wasn't very nice."
Her: " . . . Pleasegetout."  (Note: This repeating of the aforementioned command was said with no more softness or inquiry than the first time around.)

Well at least she's enjoying herself.

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