25 June 2011

Of Simple Moments

In our house, I'm not going to lie, we have a Daddy's girl.  Not to be cliche, but Philip definitely tends to be the fun, and thereby preferred, parent for our beautiful girl.

In the presence of Gram and Aunt Dia, Mommy definitely tends to fall to the bottom of the pyramid.  Now, this status is understood and acceptable to me because it's just the way it is.  Besides, there is still a little boy who relies on Mommy for nourishment and, thus, I get to be the one he cries for.  So, really, it all balances out.

But tonight, when my daughter crawled up next to me on the loveseat as we watched Family Ties on Netflix, while Gram and Aunt Dia sat on the other couch and Daddy was at his computer, I noticed.  She chose me.  Laying at my side, she settled her head on my pillow, face inches from mine.  And grinned.  Saying nothing she simply laid and smiled before finally turning over to watch the show, giving me a chance to snuggle my face into her hair and inhale the wonderful scent of my beautiful girl.

Priceless moments treasured.


  1. She loves you a LOT.  I mean... earlier that day she refused to put you in time out because "Mommy's NOT a baby!" :)