16 May 2011

Of a Day of Firsts

What a day!  Our daughter's first experience at picking out her own clothes.  Our son's first haircut.  Our first meeting of our niece/cousin McKenzie.  Micaiah's first slumber party with her cousins.  A joy-filled day of firsts.  And because they tell the story better, some photos:

The outfit Micaiah chose for grocery shopping:

 And keeping up with the news on the way home:

"Before" - Our wonderful friend, Dianna, stopped by to have the honor of giving Emmett his first haircut.  He was armed and ready with Cheerios and his hammer.  

Snip, Snip.

Doing so well!

And not so well . . .

"After" - our handsome little man:

Bedtime - three little ones, ages three and under, ready for bed.  At press time, they had yet to quiet down, but the squeals, giggles and jokes emitting from the baby monitor make us all smile anyway.  Who needs sleep when you have cousins to play with?

*I deeply apologize for the lack of photos depicting baby McKenzie - we haven't quite gotten to photographing that yet, but it will happen!

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