11 May 2011

Of Being Alone

Both of my children had the brief experience of feeling like an only child today.  Micaiah's began this morning when she woke up with hives on the lower half of her body.  Learning I would need to be at the doctor's office within fifteen minutes in order to make it under the wire for her walk-in clinic (yes, this would be the same pediatrician I openly defied on this very blog yesterday - I'm wondering if this is somehow payback), a quick call to my husband brought him racing home to care for our son so Micaiah and I could dash out the door.  Okay - I dashed while she whined about not wearing the right shoes.  Priorities.

Between playing with toys in the lobby (followed by lots of hand sanitizer), reading books in the exam room (and lots of hand sanitizer), getting to experience a stethoscope and receiving a sticker at the end (plus the added bonus of coming home to Daddy at a time when he would normally not be there), the doctor was a great time for her.  I think the undivided Mommy time helped, too.  And, I think she might have actually been disappointed she didn't get a shot - but only because she doesn't really remember what they feel like.

Eight hours later, though, the excitement (and the hives) had worn off and she was back to her cranky non-dinner-eating self come evening.  Thus, she went to bed early after refusing her food.

And then there was one. 

Our little guy, after finishing his own supper of peas and Cheerios, enjoyed a peaceful half hour of scurrying about.  In fact, with his big sister in bed and him so happy, Philip and I were rather unconcerned about the fact that he should probably be laid down.  It took me back to the days when Micaiah was his age and bedtime was "whenever she gets fussy".  Back when there was just one.

It is rather nice to occasionally have those moments when the children feel as if they're all alone.

Though, I was pondering at lunch, while the two of them clapped back and forth at each other, how bored they would be if they didn't have each other.  Yes - it's nice to be alone at times, but far greater to have company the rest of the time.

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