17 May 2011

Of Photographing Chaos

In the unlikely event you may want to test your patience someday, here's something to try - take three squirrelly toddlers, one squirmy crawler and a sleepy newborn, throw them all in a room, mix and then attempt to photograph, aiming, of course, for a beautiful photo of five(ish) smiling children depicting a loving cousinly relationship.

At this moment, parents reading this are smiling knowingly and nodding their heads - they've been there.  We've all been there.  And, yet, somehow, we feel like this time will be different.

This time, Micaiah will actually smile on command and keep her shirt on.  This time, Kaleb will sit still and focus on the camera.  This time, Kylie will sit up straight and be patient when it takes longer than she'd wanted.  This time, Emmett will sit happily without wanting to move quickly to his knees in order to get his hands on the closest object.  This time, McKenzie will lay still and cooperate with her posing.

Well, one out of five ain't bad.

The newest little miss, sleeping beautifully in the Boppy, hardly moved a muscle as sheer chaos erupted around her.  Meanwhile, Cars playing on the portable DVD player behind the photographer (Dayla, of course), Aunt Angela attacking Kaleb's belly with a quaking frog-block to evoke a giggle, Aunts, Uncle, Moms and Dad all clapping wildly to induce grins and eyes on the camera, it would seem the children had made a pact, "Alright, guys, we'll smile, but not all at once - so, Kylie, you go first, then Micaiah, but not for too long, be sure to pull out the death stare about halfway through - they'll love it, and then Kaleb, you can break out the grin every 10 seconds - see if that savvy photog can catch that.  And, well, Emmett, you just do whatever you want - that generally tends to be enough to throw everyone off-kilter.  Everyone good?  OK, all in.  And, go!"

And so it went.

And that's when Dayla decided her future lay solely in child photography - or not.

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