24 May 2011

Of Weathering the Day

This is the kind of day I don't look forward to as an Oklahoman (or, really, living anywhere, it just seems to happen more as an Oklahoman than I remember in any other state) - sitting on the couch anxiously, eyes glued to Channel 4, watching large tornadoes taking out parts of towns around me, blobs of color inching toward the large "Shawnee" printed on the weather map. 

It could have been worse, though.  We could have found ourselves in the stifling storm shelter, listening intently to the crackling of the radio, praying the storms passed us over (well, the praying happened anyway). 

I am grateful the extremities of the weather missed our town, but so humbled viewing the destruction of those nearby and in other parts of the country, even, in the recent past.

Meanwhile, as the rain slowed, after a fun game of Monkey in the Middle on our living room floor, wherein the role of the monkey was played by our energetic little boy, we finally pulled out the gifts for my sister-in-law, who will always remember this eventful birthday.  And at least the surprise party was somewhat salvaged - there were still friends, still cake and still a pinata - and the house was still here. 

Overall, it could have been worse.

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